2 March 2011

Statement by the International Network for Inclusive Democracy on the Arab revolts in connection with Libya


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[1]. The International Network of Inclusive Democracy salutes the popular revolts that have shaken the Arab world against the client regimes of the transnational and Zionist elites, which for decades have slaughtered, tortured, and robbed their peoples for the sake of the foreign and local elites. At the beginning, the tyrannical regimes attempted to crush the huge crowds of protesters in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and elsewhere, with hundreds of confirmed dead in Tunisia and Egypt and many others just disappearing.

[2]. All this time, the transnational elite did not make the slightest move to support the revolts until it had well organised the transition to successor regimes and only when, with the support of the Tunisian and Egyptian armies which it controls, it had made sure that it could deceive the Tunisian and Egyptian peoples by imposing some sort of client regimes with a “democratic” cover (a kind of “parliamentary junta” like the one governing Greece) it gave the green light to the military to proceed with the replacement of the brutal dictators. In all other cases (Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, etc.) where this is more difficult, the savage repression continues unabated.

[3]. It is up to the Arab peoples to overcome the successor client regimes and to convert the present revolts into real liberating revolutions, beyond the globalised market economy and parliamentary “democracy”, and most of all beyond the dependence on the transnational and Zionist elites who are ravaging the region to exploit its energy wealth ― necessary for the survival of the capitalist growth economy.

[4]. Despite the deliberate systematic confusion created by the world media controlled by the transnational elite, the events in Libya have no connection with the above popular revolts, for the following reasons:

(a) Firstly, because as it became evident from the beginning, the transnational and Zionist elites moved heaven and earth, through the world media they control, to create the impression that the Libyan case is also about a conflict of “the people” with a dictator of the type of Mubarak, etc., thus creating the conditions for direct military intervention, which they are already starting now by laying out plans to ban Libyan airplanes to fly over their country. In this way, they give themselves the right to shoot them down without any prior decision of the UN Security Council about it!

(b) However, it is evident that the Libyan case is not about a conflict of “the people” with a hated dictator, but a civil war where, on the one side, there is an alliance of Islamists (of the reactionary Saudi Arabia kind rather than that of the Iranian national liberation kind), tribes opposing the tribe of Gaddafi and those of his allies, and sections of the army that rebelled and sided with them, while, on the other side, it is the people’s militias and the part of the population who support the regime, as well as the remaining army units. No wonder that a key demand of the tribes in western Libya is “the oil to the West” (i.e. western Libya), whereas the Gaddafi regime had established the equal distribution of oil revenues among all Libyans regardless of race, residence, etc. This is how the literacy rate rose from 17% when Gaddafi took power (aiming at creating a national liberation movement similar to Nasser’s in Egypt) to 88% today, and Libya has one of the lowest poverty rates in Africa, while the client regimes (Egypt and Tunisia, etc.) are known for their huge inequalities.

(c) So, if the conflict in Libya is about a civil war and not, as it is distorted by the media of the transnational elite, a “popular uprising against the tyrant,” then it is not surprising that, as in every civil war in History, crimes are committed by both sides. Typical of the deception of the world public opinion is the huge lie of the transnational elite stooge, the secretary general of the UN Ban Ki-moon, which has been reproduced by all world media, according to which unarmed demonstrators were bombed by Libyan military planes. This, at the very moment that the UN under secretary himself explicitly denied it in a press conference, and when the only confirmed air strikes were against the ammunition depots, etc. of rebellious military units! The same fact has just been also confirmed by Russian satellites which conclusively showed that no bombardment of civilians (let alone demonstrators!) by Gaddafi’s airplanes did ever occur. Yet, the transnational elite, with the encouragement of various NGOs for civil rights, etc., impose today the most severe sanctions against the Libyan regime, having already begun indirect military actions against it for crimes against humanity which have not yet even been examined by international investigation, while in all these years did not ever consider imposing similar sanctions for multiple and certified crimes against humanity by the Zionist Israeli regime and the US regime!

(d) All this does not, of course, mean that the Gaddafi regime is an ideal regime, as there is also no ideal regime of Iran. However, putting in the same bag regimes that play a national liberation role to protect their national wealth and client regimes that sell off their national wealth to the transnational elite, is the same thing with putting in the same bag the Zionist slaughterers in Palestine with the Palestinian national liberation movement, (although, of course, this does not mean that a national liberation struggle carried out by a popular movement is of the same nature with that of a state). And that is exactly what the “Left” does today (i.e. the reformist state-socialist or libertarian left), along with the international and local media and the transnational, the Zionist, and the local elites.





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