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The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY, Vol. 12, Nos. 1/2 (Winter-Summer 2016)

A prologue to the volume


The new volume for 2016 marks the historic developments of a year which most analysts had already characterized as a seminal year. This is the year that perhaps marks the beginning of the end of the New World Order of neoliberal globalization! It began with the Brexit revolution in Britain in June, which then spread to the USA in November and beyond (Italy in December and perhaps France next April and so on).

All these historic developments are analysed in this issue in a series of articles by Takis Fotopoulos, beginning with DIEM25, a pseudo-manifesto of one of the main players on the globalist ‘Left’, Yanis Varoufakis, who as the Finance Minister of the Syriza government played a leading role in the Greek economic and social catastrophe that was completed by this supposedly ‘progressive’ government, sealing the fate of the Left not only in Greece but also well beyond it. The main perhaps aim of this ‘manifesto’, as shown in the first article, was to slow down or even avert the rise of the neo-nationalist movement in Europe and beyond. In fact, this parody of a Left manifesto not only did not succeed in this aim but, inadvertently of course, led to exactly the opposite: a massive rise of the neo-nationalist movement in Europe and USA and the corresponding move en masse of the victims of globalization including the working class from the Left to these movements. In other words, the rise of these movements was the catalyst for the Brexit revolutions in both Britain and America!

The volume, following an analysis of this pseudo-Left manifesto, continues with a series of articles on what the stakes were in the British referendum, examining at the same time the important new phenomenon, the rise of the neo-nationalist movements in place of the bankrupt, (theoretically and politically), Left. At the same time the raging counter revolution against the British people following the unexpected (by the elites) referendum result is analysed.

Finally, in the last two articles, the even more unexpected dramatic victory of the neo-nationalist forces in the USA under Donald Trump are examined, as well as the possible dramatic implications of Brexit on UK and US

The articles, vastly expanded with a new material, have just taken the form of a book published in November and then in a second edition in December with a new chapter ––which is also the last article of this volume, a new article on top of the pre-publications from this volume we had in the past. This is a new seminal 3-volume work on the New World Order in Action, with the first volume entitled “Globalization, The Brexit Revolution and the ‘Left’” being the general introduction to the work, as developed through an analysis of the events in Ukraine, Greece and the Middle East.


The Editors,

December 22, 2016 





The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy, Vol. 12, Nos. 1/2 (Winter/Summer 2016) ;

Prologue (21.12.2016), pp. 3-4 PDF ; Takis Fotopoulos, DIEM25: A Manifesto for Democratizing Europe or for Perpetuating the  EU  Elites’  Domination  of the European  Peoples? — Towards a Democratic Community of Sovereign Nations (19.02.2016), pp.5-25  PDF ; Takis Fotopoulos, Brexit, Globalization and the Bankruptcy of the Globalist "Left" (10.04.2016), pp.26-58  PDF ; Takis Fotopoulos, What is at stake in the British Referendum (01.05.2016), pp.59-62  PDF ; Takis Fotopoulos, Austrian Elections, Globalization, the Massive Rise of Neo-Nationalism and the Bankruptcy of the Left(27.05.2016), pp.63-75  PDF ; Takis Fotopoulos, Brexit Revolution and Counter-Revolution (20.07.2016), pp.76-103  PDF ; Takis Fotopoulos, A Brexit-style revolution in the USA? (05.11.2016), pp. 104-115 PDF ; Takis Fotopoulos, The revolution of the victims of globalization in the USA and the massive counter-attack  (21.12.2016), pp.116-133 PDF