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You are surely aware of the fact that we launched a campaign for the building ‘from below’ of Popular Fronts for National and Social Liberation (FNSL) with the ultimate aim of helping the creation of a Democratic Community of Sovereign Nations, in order to replace the present criminal New World Order of neoliberal globalization which has been created and is being reproduced through pure economic and/or physical violence. The cases of Greece, Ukraine, Iraq, Libya and Syria are clear examples of this NWO.

The Popular Fronts should aim to express the millions of people all over the world who, beginning with the Brexit revolution, have already started the fight for economic and national sovereignty, as a first step in the struggle for self-determination in the globalization era. 

We believe that the creation of reading groups to study the aims and the strategies of FNSLs everywhere (which are described in full in Takis Fotopoulos' The New World Order in Action, Vol 1: Globalization, the Brexit Revolution and the “Left” available through major bookshops and Amazon) would be a crucial step in this struggle. 

In case you are interested in this struggle and would like  to start a study group in your area on the need to join the struggle for building a Popular Front,  please contact us to send you a free pdf of the book, provided of course that you would not share it with people who may attempt to publish it in the internet, as the book is still under copyright.  

Let’s join the fight for a new form of internationalism based on the principles of solidarity and mutual aid to replace the present world order based on the principles of competitiveness and profit making.


The Editorial Committee

February 27, 2017

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